Seed improvement technologies

Farm factories analytical equipment

Centor Europe has access to various technology providers who do not possess the network we have access to. One such case is a technology provider in the Netherlands who is very active in the greenhouse market but not aware of the farming factories. Some of their technology is very suited to monitor plant development and performance in such factories. The farming factories differ in set-up and farming density from normal greenhouses. Therefore they are not always able to use the plant monitoring systems used in a normal high tech greenhouse. Utilizing the technology of our partner would allow them to monitor their plant chlorophyll efficiency as well as oxygen levels in the substrate (as indicated to root health).

Biological seed coating

With the current move from chemical control to a more natural approach, Centor Europe is partnering with various suppliers of biologicals to develop novel biological seed treatments. Our aim is to provide the seed and seedling a good start and support during the first seedling phase especially during biotic and abiotic stresses in their immediate environment. Centor Europe's strongpoint is combining our coating and binders with the biologicals to allow for an excellent recovery and good longevity on the seed. Investment into these projects will allow Centor Europe to introduce these products quicker into the market.  


Biostimulants are often extracts originating from nature. They are readily absorbed by the plants and their activities enhancing plants to excel in their growth and development especially under unfavourable conditions. Centor Europe has partnered with selected suppliers in which we have been able to produce effective biostimulant seed coating each expressing various benefits on multiple crops. Investment into this activity will allow for a more rapid introduction and registration of products.

BioBased seed coating for a circular economy

Seed coating needs to be micro-plastic free and biodegradable. Although our products meet these criteria we are developing new natural binders. Investment into this activity will allow us to increase our research efforts allowing for the development of more products on a wide variety of platforms and a quicker introduction of these products.